Bilateral Peace Committee

Bilateral Peace Committee 

A one-day event where a Peace Committee structure will be established between India and Pakistan to facilitate the resolution of disputes between the two countries. The Peace Committees will bring individuals together and mobilise their knowledge and experience to facilitate the resolving of disputes and the development of longer-term solutions to underlying challenges and disputes between the two countries.

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Last year's event was a great success! With inspiring keynote sessions, top-notch debates and rocking socials last year's SSUIMUN came to an end. We were delighted to host you in person and are even more excited to host you virtually.
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ESR Activities

Catering to a wide range of social problems, we wish to create an abundance of kindness, love and compassion through our selfless acts towards the welfare of the society around us.

Inside the Conference

Through energetic debates,exciting social events, and unique conference ambiance, the organizing committee of SSUIMUN remains resolute to making your MUN experience unique and memorable.

Keynote Speakers

To inspire the delegates, we have invited many illustrious and notable speakers over the years. They are the connoisseurs of their subjects and carry the potential to instate multilateral views.

Message from Secretary General

On behalf of the Secretariat, it is my absolute honour to introduce and cordially welcome you to Sri Sri University International Model United Nations Virtual Conference (SSUIMUN 2022) which will be held from 18th – 20th February 2021 in the virtual mode via zoom  platform.

At Sri Sri University International Model United Nations, we aspire to deliver the best and retain the pure essence of United Nations, making youth aware of the happenings around the world, enabling them to think beyond their limit and making better solutions for the world.
A simulation of this kind, will help participants to grow, develop and contribute to the society in much better way.

In addition to this, the debates and discussions in the conference will help them to develop better communication skills, public speaking skills, increment in the confidence level and critical-thinking which are much needed in the current era for growth and development of individuals, organisations and the society.

With immense love and continuous efforts of Team SSUIMUN backed by the support of our founder, faculty members, partners and sponsors we will provide the participants with the best of the world, in the silver city of India for them to take back most memorable and resourceful experience


Secretary General
SSU International MUN